Thursday, January 28, 2010

Child of War

Will this war ever end?
It has been so long and peace seems
no more than a dream.
The anger and hatred are as hot and dry as the wind that blows over the sand.
It is only through the grace of God that weapons will be laid down.

God's grace is long in coming.

Do these World Leaders not know that there is no such thing
as making ready for God?
For God is here and to be lived each day,
through every breath,
in every tear.
Will these children find safety and shelter from fear,
or know the blessing of being held to a warm and protective body?

Tired eyes yearn to close;
precious heads seek a soft lap and a hand to stroke soft hair.

These are the living angels, these witnesses to terror.

You are so beautiful.
Here….let me hold you in my arms,
wipe the dust from your wet face.
I will rock you to sleep, my body your shelter
and no sound will touch you,
no flash of light will wake you,
you need not clutch to your own heart.

I will sing to you a song that will carry you to dreamland,
and you can play in the warmth and soft light of the sun.
Remember always that this is truly all God wants for you;
 this beauty, this sanctuary.

War is not of God,
but you are,
and God weeps for your fear and loves you.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

My Grandfather

My Grandfather is great and bright,
his heart is strong and his spirit shines.
He teaches me with great patience and wisdom
about the ways of my people,
lost in a sea of shame, but finding their way.
He fills my heart with compassion for those who forgot
the ways of the Earth; who wandered
great distances, settled in foreign lands,
rushed to conquer and spill blood.

He say’s in whispers
– a voice full of tears –

“As long as there is breath within,
you can be the memory of peace
and the possibility of sanctuary.”

My Grandfather warms my face,
lights the darkest places
just by wishing it to be so.
I listen to his soft voice so that no words
are lost to me
and when there are no words
I sit in his presence and listen another way.
My skin absorbs his teachings and he shares…

“I rise every morning and with each new day
offer you the gift to go another way.”

I tell my Grandfather of all the times
I have risen
only to fall.
He laughs;
the Earth shakes a little,
He says it matters
that I rise.

I rest my spirit in my Grandfathers’ loving light
and fall into soft warmth and gentle song.
There are no more words,
only the enormous sound of love
and the silent calling of my Ancestors.
I turn my face to the many
and welcome them into my heart.
I have found my tribe.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

What Spirit says...

Embrace your weeping heart,
love it into existence,
the tears washing your soul
like showers from heaven.
Do not apologize for the time it takes.

Throw your hands in the air,
push your voice from your belly,
until angels hear the call of your wild self.
Greedily accept the caress of feathers
upon your dry and aching throat.

Walk hard upon the earth,
each footstep a commitment…

Awaken your Mother,
with stomping and wailing,
until she takes your heart in Her fist,
a clutch tender but stanch,
that will never let you go.

And listen with great concentration
to the wind
to the fire
to the sea
for within each of these one can hear
the fierce and the innocent
laughter of God.

Monday, January 11, 2010


Into the blue I am flowing
Rest your weary soul on the waves of my desire
Fall into me and be softly held
Dive to the depths of your knowing
Unite and drop the illusion
That we are not all the same
Hold close those you are separate from
Dance together naked in the rain

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Exciting Updates

Happy New Year to all! I trust the holiday season was all you needed to refresh and renew for 2010. I am very excited to write you with some updates and share exciting news with you from Divine Source. Forgive this post for being a bit more lengthy but I am sure you will find information of interest.

Divine Source is offering a School for Shamanic Practice. The School is named The Circle of the Whispering Earth. Through the Circle a 13 month Shamanic Practitioner apprenticeship is being offered, beginning in February 2010. The COWE has 3 main goals:

1. To build sacred and supportive community amongst peoples interested in honouring and remembering their connection to the Earth upon which they live.
2. To enhance the learning of shamanism by connection to the land upon which the student lives (as did our ancient ancestors) and to hear the unique voice of that land.
3. To honour the Ancestors and open to their teachings through connection to Spirit and accessing otherworld.

This is an exciting opportunity to delve deeply into your own Shamanic calling and learn to hear the Earth as she whispers to you. If you are interested, please send me an email for a detailed overview; including course details, timelines and cost. You can also visit:

Also, Divine Source is offering a second Women’s Shamanic Healing Circle! In this circle we will utilize the sacred journey, sacred creativity, ritual and sharing in order to deeply connect to our healing path. You will come to develop a deep relationship with Spirit, honour your own inner wisdom and celebrate your journey with other women. Beginning February 9, 2010 we will meet every two (2) weeks, ending on May 18, 2010 (8 Circles in total).

Please read what this participant has to say about her experience in the Circle:

“Effective Healing becomes meaningful and results lasting when we are in the hands of an authentic Shamanic Healer; one who has done the work of healing her own wounds. I have felt safe and supported in Deborah’s hands and this has fostered a new level of trust for me. It has been an honour and a joy to participate in this group of courageously strong women, myself included. Our willingness to bare our souls in the desire to heal new and ancient wounds is a testimony to the levels of love and trust generated within the group. This particular healing path has touched me to my core; as it continues I realize the stirring it has generated is part of my soul’s awakening - a journey that has no end.” ~ Shannon Wills

As always, the monthly Shamanic Ceremony and Drumming Circles are continuing with our first one for 2010 on January 30th. We will be at a bigger location due to the growth of the Circle so please let me know if you are interested in attending for more details. The circle begins promptly at 7pm. More information can be found on my website: