Thursday, April 22, 2010

Our Nature

The saying “become one with nature” makes no sense to me. One does not become one with nature any more then the ocean becomes one with the bay. They are one and the same – a continuous flow – one to the other. So are we. We are nature. Although we talk of “returning” to nature, what we are really doing is realizing more of our Self, discovering aspects outside of us that we hold within.

The blood of our bodies is our life force; nourishing us, replenishing us. As blood flows through our veins it carries the life force within that sustains us. Blood is our oceans, our rivers and creeks that carve a path within to the heart of who we are.

Our bones and skin are our foundation and protection. These make us strong; able to withstand the physical challenges of life. They grant us the ability to hold and to carry, to resist and to yield. Like the earth, rocks and trees; we are solid, able to carry the weight of our bodies and the desires of our hearts.

Each breath we take is like the wind sweeping across the earth, cleansing and clearing away what debris it encounters. Our breath is the most powerful of our reflexes, each second from birth to death it sustains us, feeds us. And like a gentle warm breeze our breath can calm us and soothe our soul.

Within all of us there is the fire of Spirit; the passion that leads us to love, to defend, to change and to create. Our spirit is the essence of who we are; the real Self beyond the doing. Spirit is the being that we are.

Our Spirit is present in all other elements within – it rides on the waves of our bodies; flowing through our blood and feeding our life force. Spirit rests deep in our bones and on the surface of our skin; igniting our powerful selves to stand firm or to bend and embrace. Spirit is carried on the winds of our breath and in the sound of our voice. Connecting with breath will always remind us that Spirit resides within.

We ARE nature, no matter if we live among the trees of a forest or the skyscrapers of a city – we are the rivers, the trees and rocks, the cleansing fresh air and the Spirit of the natural world. What we do to nature, we do to our Selves.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Earthly Knowledge meets Earthly Truth

I sought knowledge all my life,
all my life I sought knowledge.

And with each thing I learned
I believed it to be true.

Each new truth became a root
and anchored me more strongly
to where I stood.

And I believed this to be good.

Even when I was unable to move,
my roots so deep in my foundation of truth.

Even when the world turned around me and people came and went,
I stayed where I was,
in my truth.

My truth did not accept the invitation
of transformation
although I saw this occurring around me.

And there I stood.


Before long my roots
began to crack the foundation
they were buried in.

The earth began to break up around them,
screaming for air and moisture and nourishment.

Exposed now, my roots began to wither.
Until one day
I easily toppled,
with just a slight breeze.

I was left
with nothing.
No roots.
No truth.

Truth cannot stand not being fed.

And now I think that perhaps truth is meant
to be less like the trees

and more like the breeze.