Saturday, October 31, 2009


Stop what you are doing.
Empty your mind.
Stay silent.
Pay attention.
LISTEN to my words, follow my voice.

Picture this face:
Dead eye’s masking sorrow.
In a second flash with rage.
Then gone. Out. Like a light.
Dead eye’s again.
Dry lips, chapped and flaking.
Sucking in air as if to scream
but open only to
… suck in more air.
Teeth chipped from clenching,
yellowed from too much coffee,
too many cigarettes,
too much of whatever will dull the pain.
Brittle hair surrounds this face,
tangled with bits of grass and tree,
matted with mud long dried to clay.

Picture that face.
Forged with lines that track the passing of pain.
Eye’s, red rimmed and wild.
Lips, chapped and bleeding.
Teeth, jagged shards of decay.
All framed with barbed wire hair.

There are places where a woman travels
far from hearth and home
there are voices that whisper in her ear
that turn her heart to stone.

I have been that face.
Have you?

Have you known the darkness?
Has Goddess wrenched you from your bed,
grasped you with her cold veined hand
jerked you from the pretty stones,
the soft silk altar cloths and the sparkling scented candles?

Shoved you past these trappings to the door of the cave?
On the darkest night of the year?

Has she laid her ebony velvet cloth over your face,
opened the great yawning hole and pushed you inside?
Left you to your own devices to find your way out?

With nothing to light your way,
but faith?
Sometimes even faith is as dark as pitch.

If you know that cave, have felt that damp emptiness
If you have tasted sweet acid on your tongue
and gagged on heavy sulpher with every breath
than you know that Goddess ain’t always pretty.

Neither are you, neither am I.

Ugly doesn’t even begin to describe
what it is like,
crawling through that cave,
knees scratched to bone,
Sobbing through your mantra’s of “fuck you’s” and
“I don’t deserve this”.
Bellowing, bargaining, begging, bawling.

And it all falls on deaf ears.
It all falls on walls of stone, slick with ice
and thick as forever.

Sister, if She moves you,
passed bewilderment, denial and broken dreams,
to that cave
you better be prepared.

‘Cause there are places where a woman travels
Journeys she makes alone
To meet Goddess in that darkest place
only the frail stay at home.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Samhain - October 31

Mother Goddess descends her throne
gives reign over to the Crone.
Death sweeps across the earth
making way for rebirth.

Cerridwen I beseech you
grant passage to your hall
the dead spirits I sustain
grant passage to them all...

All within the good earth sleeps
and gentle Mother does retreat
to her chamber in the mound
to rest with the Maiden soft and sound.

Queen of Spirits I do seek
a pathway to your Cauldron
I beckon thee Hag to guide me
as I honour the Darkest One...

The veils between the worlds are thin.
Hearken to the whispering din
of honored Ancestors and the Sidhe,
who bless us with their memory.

Ancient women of my folk
the way is clear to my door.
Enter and impart to me
your wisdom, I implore...

Let the year pass this night
and with the morrow's dawning light
may spirit's both alive and dead
walk in peace in the year ahead.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


I pray a lot – for others, for myself
I stand at my doorway and open my heart.
The air in my voice shakes the leaves on the trees
and my eyes shed the water of the ocean and seas.
Light the fire in my belly, I pray aloud.
Light the fire in my heart so I can heal and love.
Let my skin be renewed by the cool breeze of heaven,
Let my bones be made strong by the power of earth.

Monday, October 26, 2009

The Secret

The meaning that life holds is found
in the small moments.
Found in kindness and mercy and grace.
Found in prayer and in giving.
There is no one meaning greater than the other.
All lives are needed, all paths a sacred journey,
all dreams the soft voice of Spirit.
When I come to know this
as I know my own skin,
then I have truly found the secret.
Once found it can never be forgotten,
once heard it lives in the soul like a song.
We are one.
No matter what separates us;
distance, experience, beliefs, behaviours…
I love you, I need you,
we are one.

Monday, October 12, 2009


There is a sanctuary deep within…
a place of compassion, wisdom and peace.
All we need to live a life of fulfillment
rests within this sanctuary.
Often we seek outside of ourselves,
looking for meaning that we believe
will give us worth,
when all we need do is return to this place,
this Source of wholeness and divinity.
Connecting to our inner source we manifest the life we desire;
through compassion and love we come to know our true Self.
On this journey we discover that
Divine Source is within us;
deeply nestled in our inner sanctuary,
waiting for us to come home.