Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Morrigan's Yew

Morrigan’s Yew grows strong and tall
She shelter’s me in the dark
Beneath her branches I softly fall
to be grounded by her roots.
For though my journey is made alone,
walked both in day and night,
She guides me to where all is shown,
My truth brought to the light.

Boudicca's Hare

Boudicca’s Hare is swift and strong
She guides me through the mystery.
The path I walk is ever long
Yet I travel not alone.
For with me comes the warrior
And the gentle love of She
Who guides me to my inner core
Where my truth is shown.

Danu's River

Danu’s River lives in me
Her blood is my blood
Where I flow so does She
We are ever bound.
I ride the surface, walk her shores
Dive deep beneath her waves
Her current carries me to my core
Where my truth is found.