Friday, August 28, 2009

This is how Truth is Shared

Closing my eyes I follow my breath
- in and out
to the sound of the waves arriving on
then retreating from
the shore.

“Breathe”, I hear my inner calling and find the world slipping away.
“Breathe” and effortlessly I access peace within.
The hooks of life detach and my body settles deeper into the sand.

Under the anger there is peace, under the peace there is…..

unimaginable love.

It is as though I sit atop the axis of the earth,
centred, as all of life spins around me.
I envision the many good and gentle acts occurring in the world,
in my own life.
The sun comes out from behind a cloud and I welcome the heat into my skin.
Although the world tells me every day I am wrong,
I know I am a great beauty.
It matters not what I do, who I am, what I think.
All that matters is this listening.
“I need you” I hear and see the beautiful girl in me.
I smile as I gather her up in my arms.

All that matters is this peace
and listening to the breath of Goddess
as She whispers in my ear.
Words I cannot hear.
But my heart receives and my soul embraces
and somewhere within me
I know.

All that has happened in my life;
every choice,
every action,
every event,
was as it should have been.
The best I could receive at the time.
Even the brutality and deep sorrow was only as it could be.
Not me.

I sense the rolling fire of Goddess beneath me and I imagine
an Elephant meeting a Whale.
How impossible would that be?
One the memory keeper of the Earth,
the other of the Sea.

I am meeting my entirety in this peace.
My truth rises up and just knowing is enough.
No one else need ever believe.

I am roused from this peace by a cold nose sniffing at my ear.
A large and gentle dog too quick for its’ human companion
has made its’ way to me before a leash could stop it.
Even though I neither heard nor saw its’ coming,
I am not startled.
Tenderly I welcome the beast
cup its’ face in my hands,
scratch behind its’ ears
and tell it, over and over again,
how beautiful it is.

This is how truth is shared.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Blessed Lugnasadh


Prayer to Lugh, God of Light

Lugh, God of Light, God of Warriors, Helper of Heroes –
I beseech you on this first harvest, Lammas night,
to assist me Ancient Warrior.
Help me to unearth my courage,
my warrior self.
Engender me with the warriors’ soul
bound with bravery, honour and truth
so that I may do battle once more.
So that I may defend against the onslaught of darkness,
the midnight cloud which settles round my eyes.
So that I may live once again with conviction and with dignity.
So that I may do battle for goodness and peace.
Bring to me that warriors soul that once resided within my heart.
That once spoke true words and fought for justice.
That laid waste to lies and prejudice.
I must not lay down here.
I must not ride alone.
Helper of Heroes pray thee help me now.
With my Warriors soul I shall honour thee.
I shall cleave to light and walk in truth.
I shall quest for peace and live as those fine Champions before me.
God of Warriors, deliver unto me that soul astray,
be it small and of little consequence,
for with it I shall brandish those weapons required
to cleanse my grove of demons.

Hail to the Tuatha de Dannann.

Blessed Be…